The comprehensive step by step Flutter tutorial on building Android and iOS apps that consume the CRUD REST API

In this Flutter tutorial, we will show you how to build Android and iOS apps that consume the CRUD REST API. Almost all Android and iOS apps access data using REST API. In the Flutter application, these requirements will be done using the HTTP package. We will use our simple Node-Express-MongoDB REST API as the REST API backend. So, we will focus this tutorial on how to access that REST API using the Flutter HTTP package.

This tutorial divided into several steps:

  • Step #1: Preparation
  • Step #2: Create a Flutter Application
  • Step #3: Create Flutter HTTP Service
  • Step #4: Display List of Data
  • Step #5: Show Data Details
  • Step #6: Add a New Data
  • Step #7: Edit a Data
  • Step #8: Run and Test Flutter Application to Android and iOS Devices

The following tools, frameworks, and libraries are required for this tutorial:

  1. Flutter SDK
  2. Node-Express REST API
  3. Android SDK
  4. XCode
  5. Terminal (on Mac/Linux) or CMD (on Windows)
  6. IDE (Android Studio/IntelliJ/Visual Studio Code)

Let get started to the main steps!

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Building Android and iOS Apps that Consume the CRUD REST API
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