Google’s Flutter is a very attractive app development platform. It allows to development of apps like android ios etc. based on a single codebase. It is compiled in machine language for its great performance. It is built with Dart language. As we create an app in Flutter in which we want to do localization, then we load it using the localization widget to see all the objects in which we have a collection of localized objects. ‘flutter_localizations’ library is used to set up localization in Flutter.

Hello friends, I will talk about my new blog on Localization / Multi-Language In Flutter. We will also implement a Localization / Multi-Language In Flutter. describe his properties, and use them in your flutter applications. So let’s get started.

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Flutter Localization


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Flutter Localization:

The Flutter localization widget is used to view and load objects from a collection of localized values. If we create an application and want to increase the use of the application, we have to support multiple languages ​​in our apps.

With the help of localization, we can change the language of our application as android and ios is the most popular operating system of mobile so we using flutter localization will show localization on both types of device and will be localized for both field

Some Basic requirements of multiple languages.

  • Flutter localization application works by default according to the language configured in the smartphone.
  • If a language is not supported in the application, then English is the (en)default language of the language.
  • The end-user can change the working language from a list of supported languages.
  • When the user selects any of the other languages, the entire layout of the application is refreshed to display the values ​​for the chosen language

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Localization / Multi-Language In Flutter
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