Full Java Project Tutorial Step by Step In NetBeans. In this java tutorial we will see how to Design a login and Register form and Connect This Two Forms With Text File.

What We Will Use To Build This Project ? :
- Java Programming Language.
- NetBeans Editor.
- Text File.
- pixabay.com.

What We Will Do In This Project ? :
- design the login and register form using jpanels and borders.
- make your own close icon using jlabel.
- navigate between login form and the dashboard form.
- create two jbuttons, one for login and the seconde to create a new account.
- create a text file to store the users data.
- check if the username or password are empty.
- in the register section check if the fields are empty
 and if the user renter the correct password .
- check If the user enter a username that already exists.

Java Swing Components We Will Use In This Project:
- JFrame
- JPanel
- JTextfield.
- JButton.
- JLabel.

----------------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENT -----------------------------------

▶ 00:00:00 The Final Result Overview
▶ 00:03:15 Create The Project File
▶ 00:04:14 Create The Login And Register Form
▶ 00:06:30 Create Close The Form Using JLabel
▶ 00:13:10 Design The Login Section
▶ 00:13:10 Design The Register Section
▶ 00:41:05 Create a Function To Display Image On JLabel
▶ 00:55:00 Set Action To The Register Button
▶ 01:09:50 Create a Function to Get All The Users
▶ 01:31:05 Create a Function to Check If The Username Already Exists
▶ 01:43:40 Set Action To The Login Button
▶ 01:53:16 Create a Form To Show Messages
▶ 02:08:00 Show Messages
▶ 02:27:00 Some Fixes
▶ 02:42:30 Design The Main / Dashboard Form
▶ 02:54:00 Show The User's Username On The Dashboard Form

▶ Source Code: https://1bestcsharp.blogspot.com/2022/09/java-login-and-register-form-with-text-file.html 

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Build a Login and Register Form with Java and NetBeans | Java Project Tutorial
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