Top iOS App Development Trends that will Lead Your Business to Success

5 years back, how many mobile apps did you have on your phone? 2, 3, or maybe 5. But what about today?

Today, there is an app for almost everything, be it buying a pin or an Audi.

Mobile application development is a highly competitive and rapidly evolving field. To stay on top of the market competition, mobile app development companies must meet growing customer demands while creating easy-to-use and efficient applications.

As Apple devices continue to gain popularity, 62.6 million active users in the US itself, iOS application development services are in high demand. However, to stand out from the market leaders, iOS app developers must create highly effective and scalable mobile applications that include an impressive number of features.

For this, it is necessary to be up to date with the latest trends in the field. Take a look at the following top 5 hottest iOS development trends that will dominate in 2021.

1. Internet of Things is ruling the iOS world

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IoT is an inevitable concept of modern life. It connects all devices in an ecosystem, allowing information to be exchanged between them. Remote control of home appliances, easy access to home devices through mobile applications is available due to the innovations introduced by the Internet of Things.

According to development stats, in 2020, there were 11.7 billion devices connected to IoT. By 2025, this number is projected to reach 30.9 billion. Such an impressive increase causes iOS application developers to work harder on applications that will be compatible with new advanced IoT technologies.

In addition to the further development of innovative home technologies, IoT will focus on health and safety issues to improve virtual health devices and minimize the spread of COVID-19. So hire app developers smartly.

2. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence: The savior duo

The implementation of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps create more efficient, robust, and attractive applications.

IOS app developers are working with ML through the Core ML framework. This tool can be integrated into the application to start machine training and make more predictions to improve the customer experience.

Core ML can perform many tasks through various algorithms, so different companies can choose what best suits their demands. Some of the AI functions used in mobile application development are: facial and voice recognition, text or image classification, etc.

The implementation of AI is an iOS trend that will continue to be relevant in the coming years. It plays a vital role in the user experience and makes application development more efficient and effective over time.

3. Portable applications- Hottest iOS development trend in 2021

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“Wearables” is one of the biggest buzzwords today. Wearable apps are designed for devices such as smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers, and other devices that have become popular for their ability to display heartbeat, oxygen rate, blood pressure, or the number of steps taken during exercise day.

However, modern portable applications go much further. The Apple Watch 5, for example, can take EKGs or identify a panic condition by measuring the pulse. Also, in 2019 Apple made an announcement about the Apple Watch 6 integration with the Apple App Store. Therefore, the number of iOS applications developed for Apple’s smartwatch will increase by offering users new functions and capabilities.

In addition to smartwatches and fitness bands that are already common, a lot of attention is paid to smart rings that have received some of the fantastic features such as car lock or panic button.

Wearable apps are the trend in iOS development for everyday devices and more serious spheres like healthcare, especially in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Producers of wearable devices working in cooperation with developers of wearable applications can unlock new IoT potential and make our daily lives much more accessible.

You must contact the best iOS development company in India to implement this trend.

4. You can’t avoid Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

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AR and VR are one of the most noteworthy trends in iOS app development. They link the real and digital world, helping to perceive information in different ways. At first, people were captured by the entertaining AR and VR features, for example, by the famous “Pokemon Go” app. These technologies are used for many other practical purposes, such as information search, shopping, self-improvement, and others.

L’Oreal uses AR to increase sales by offering customers to try different hairstyles with its “Style My Hair” app. Google has implemented augmented reality in its Google maps using “True View”. It lets you know where exactly the person is using the device’s camera pointing at the nearest buildings.

Both AR and VR can find even broader use in mobile app development. Experts hope that in 2021 these technologies will be more integrated into iOS mobile applications and improve customer engagement and user experience.

You can always hire VR developers for a better experience.

5. Mobile wallets are trending due to contactless transactions

E-commerce plays an important role in the modern economy. According to Statista, in 2021, the penetration of users in electronic commerce will reach 50.8%, and it is assumed that it will grow to 63.1% in 2025. In addition, experts believe that by 2022 the sum of transactions through commerce electronics will reach $13.98 billion, doubling the $6.1 billion in 2019.

Since people do not opt for traditional payments and more frequently use their phones or even smartwatches for financial transactions, iOS developers have tried to make these processes more convenient and secure. Apple Pay is one of the successful examples. It helps users to manage their payments more efficiently and in minimal time.

In 2021, special attention should be paid to mobile wallets, as there are still a large number of applications that do not support mobile wallet functions.

6. Apple Pay to become even stronger

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Apple Pay is changing the future of money transactions for e-commerce users. It is becoming the universal mode of online payment for Apple users.

According to recent reports from Statista; There are more than 127 million paying Apple users worldwide. This payment service can be used to request physical goods, services, and donations. The most common payment spaces that use Apple Pay are in stores, within applications, on the Web in Safari, selected transits, person-to-person, business chats, etc.

Apple Pay for the Web streamlines online commerce by making the purchase process easier, faster, and more secure on iPhone, iPad, or Mac devices as much as possible. No more scrolling through checkout pages. This is a huge step forward for the mobile Web, where online shoppers spend hundreds of “micro moments” every day browsing without buying. If you are looking for a payment gateway integration, Apple Pay should be on your list.

7. Advances in AI and Siri will amuse users more than ever

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AI and Siri are last on our list of iOS mobile app trends. Since Siri was integrated into Apple devices, the tech giant gained a lot of recognition worldwide. The personal assistant was impressive for the features and functionality it offered to users. With Siri, the AI or artificial intelligence quotient added a massive boost to the personal assistant’s work.

AI is bringing a revolutionary change in personal assistants.

A report from Loop Ventures claims that Siri’s percentage of giving a correct answer is 70 percent. For the same reason, many industry experts believe that Siri is more advanced than Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa.

The AI-based wizard gets better and better with each new version of iOS. And to help developers, Apple has introduced Sirikit, which helps integrate Siri advancements.

That’s all, folks!

The sphere of mobile application development is constantly innovating, and it isn’t easy to compete in the market. To get your customers’ attention, you need to build robust and easy-to-use mobile apps that are also compliant with the latest trends.

This does not imply that it is necessary to use all the trends in your applications, but it is essential to identify which one may best serve your particular purpose. For this, you know an expert can help you in the best possible way. hire iOS app developers and get yourself an app that will rule the market.

Till then, that’s all folks!
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Top iOS App Development Trends that will Lead Your Business to Success
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