In this tutorial we’ll automate your excel reports, using pure Python. We’ll use Pandas and Plotly to create the graphs, and we’ll go over Dash to build the interactive capabilities. Download the excel sheet below to follow along. I recommend you start a new .py file and write the code with me, as you’re going through the tutorial. However, if you’re encountering difficulties, feel free to download the full code below.

Video layout:
00:00 - App demo and what you will learn
01:53 - Getting started (libraries, data)
03:28 - Part 1: Data Exploration with Pandas
07:46 - Part 1: Data Visualization with Plotly
14:26 - Part 2: Interactive Graphing with Dash
23:00 - Part 2: Dash Callback


Excel Data:

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How to build Interactive Excel Dashboard with Python
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