Spring Boot is a web framework built on top of the framework Spring. It is designed for easier use and quicker implementation. It does so by configuring the application and its environment as automatically as possible. As a newcomer, I can say that it makes the framework really easy to get into.

My learning led me to read most of the reference documentation, which is well written and gives you a lot of insights into the internal behavior of Spring Boot. This documentation gives a lot of details, so this article aims to take the counter approach and pinpoint the concepts you will need to implement an API using Spring Boot. I will complement each section with a set of links to related documentation, may you want to dig further.

As a side note, this document will be using version 2.4.2 of the framework, on a Java project using Gradle as the build system. However, the information remains applicable to any compatible language and build system.

This article will cover the following aspects of creating an API with Spring Boot:

  • Bootstrap the project
  • Create REST endpoints
  • Handle errors
  • Connect to a persistence layer
  • Paginate the results
  • Test the application
  • Package the Application

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The Apprentice's Guide to Spring Boot
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