Now that more workforces are remote, DevOps teams can maximize their collaboration and productivity by following open source principles.

As this article goes online, DevOps teams are rounding the bend of eight months of remote work. Some teams were remote by design. Other teams had remote work forced on them. Now is an excellent time to take a refresher on what it means to be a high performing DevOps team that just works remotely.

Remember that people come before tools for a remote DevOps team. Here’s how you keep your people operating and feeling refreshed during these times.

Fully remote vs. hybrid DevOps teams

We can split remote work into fully remote and hybrid working models. A fully remote working model means a DevOps team is geographically dispersed. The members have no desk lying empty back at the office with their name on it. However, COVID-19 restrictions have made every team a fully remote team, at least for the time being. A fully remote team’s benefits include increased agility and playing time zones to the advantage of your delivery cycle. The challenges of a new remote DevOps team run the gamut right now, depending on the level of support their organization had for remote workers pre-COVID.

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Create a DevOps culture with open source principles
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