React Native Voice Control library for iOS and Android


Cross-platform development is now an essential aspect of softwaredevelopment. Node Packet Manager, the online repository is a go to site for React Programmers. This is MetaSys’ contribution based on challenges we had while developing a single application for both Android and iOS. We offer a flexible NPM package, for UI form field widgets which will work on both Android and iOS platforms. The package is based on React Native and typescript, which provides an error-free field. It also gives you a clean and consistent look and feel on iOS and Android devices with high performance.

This package recodes the voice data using a microphone and converts it into text. Developers can use this text data for various purposes for example filling up the form, performing an action based on keyword, filtering data, etc. Developers can pass the required properties and get the result easily. The below documentation will help you to easily integrate this package with your React Native project.


  1. Installation and Linking
  2. Screenshots
  3. Getting stated
  4. Properties
  5. Contribution

Installation and Linking

Run command npm i @metasys96/react-native-animated-voice -save

You also have to install and link react-native-elemnets, react-native-vector-icons, react-native-haptic-feedback, and @react-native-community/voice.

Android linking

Add the following lines in android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.MICROPHONE" />
<uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.microphone" android:required="true" />

Ios linking

Add the following lines in Info.plist file.

<string>Description of why you require the use of the microphone</string>
<string>Description of why you require the use of the speech recognition</string>


Getting started

Import {VoiceControl} from '@metasys96/react-native-voice-control' // import VoiceControl component

// add function in component
voiceRecgStart = (voiceData : string) => { // Invoked when voice detected and return string

voiceRecgEnd = () =>{ // Invoked when voice detection stops

return (
       		// add other props if required


Name Description Type Default Required
micIcon Display Icon Object {type:‘foundation’,name:‘microphone’,color:‘red’,size:20} No
onVoiceRecgStart Invoked when voice detected function - Yes
onVoiceRecgEnd Invoked when voice detection stops function - Yes
locale - string ‘en-US’ No
duration Voice recognition time number 10000 No
rippleTimePeriod Total time to complete one ripple animation number 1500 No
rippleColor Ripple animation color string ‘grey’ No
onPressIconCntStyle onPress icon container style and animation style {{width: 60,height:60,borderRaduis:30}} No
iconCntStyle Icon conatiner style style - No
containerStyle - style - No

Note:- If the voice not detected within 3 seconds (3000 ms) , animation and voice detection stops automatically. rippleTimePeriod is inversly proportional to animation spdeed.


Any type of issues are welcome. Please add screenshots of the bug and code snippet. Also the quickest way to solve the bug is to reproduce it with one of the examples. We would also welcome Pull Requests.

git clone

npm install

react-native run-android or react-native run-android

Copyright and License

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React Native Voice Control library for iOS and Android
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