Subscription Models
It is not a new invention, yet one that boomed due to COVID-19. 
Niche OTT Solutions
The pandemic opened the doors to catch-up services, SVOD, and even regular TV getting more hits.
The number of CTV streaming homes increased from 44 to 50 million in 2020.
Virtual and Augmented Realities
IoT in Media
Omnipresent goods display has been in the market for quite some time, but omnichannel delivery is beating the charts in 2020.
Media Management Software Innovation
This is a must-have for the 2020 digitalization strategy since today, all conversations, disputes, and praises for brands go through the online channels and most social media platforms.
Video Chat Accessibility
Yes, streaming services have also been described above, yet video calls are an innovation that deserves its own spot under the sun.

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7 Incredible Digital Innovations in Media and Entertainment
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