If you have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React you might be wondering where to go next on your learning journey. So why not check out Scrimba’s brand new, free tutorial on how to build the classic Tic Tac Toe game in React?

Fully working game

Click above to go to the tutorial.

The example game is pulled from React’s official tutorials but is brought up to date using React hooks - the latest hot topic in the React world.

This article gives you an overview of the tutorial and lets you click through to the screencasts and play with the code at any time.

If your HTML, CSS, JavaScript or React skills feel shaky, never fear - Scrimba offers a huge range of tutorials to bring you up to speed. We recommend the following courses to get you ready for the Tic Tac Toe tutorial:

In true Scrimba style, the Build Tic Tac Toe with React Hooks tutorial contains loads of interactive challenges along the way, so you’ll embed your learning and feel like a hooks wizard by the end of it.

The course is led by Thomas Weibenfalk, a passionate developer, designer, and coding instructor from Sweden. Thomas loves teaching people about front-end development, especially React, making him the ideal teacher to take you through this learning experience.

Assuming you’re ready to go with Tic Tac Toe, let’s get started!

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How to Build Tic-Tac-Toe with React Hooks
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