Today, everywhere we look, Machine Learning is around us in some form or the other. This subset of Artificial Intelligence has found diverse applications across all parallels of the industry, and rightly so. Even though Machine Learning is an emerging field, it has opened up a slew of possibilities to explore.

Now, the question is, which programming language to use for Machine Learning projects?

Python and C++ are two of the most popular programming languages. Both of these languages boast of an active community, dedicated tool support, an extensive ecosystem of libraries, and commendable runtime performance. However, the focus of today’s post is going to be Machine Learning in C++.

Why C++ for Machine Learning?

It is a well-established fact that Machine Learning requires heavy-duty CPU performance, and this is precisely what C++ guarantees. When it comes to speed and performance, C++ leaves behind Python, Java, and even C#. Another major advantage of using C++ for Machine Learning is that it has pointer support, a feature not available in many of the popular programming languages.

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