We are going to learn how to build a Wallpaper app with flutter and pixels API (free), so you will learn how to use API in a flutter app creating a full flutter app

If you like to learn via video then you can **watch it on Youtube, **Or you can watch the demo at least

📕 Learn How to:

  • Fetch data from an API with flutter.
  • useState in a flutter app.
  • pass down data in flutter widgets.
  • show a grid view.
  • Using Hero Animation.
  • Save the image to local storage (Gallery) for both Android And IOS.

Prerequisite: Install Flutter if not already  https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install

Live Example  https://wallpaperzone.web.app/Watch App Demo on Youtube here

So let’s get started coding,

#flutter #wallpaper

How to Build a Wallpaper App with Flutter
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