What is DigiCol (DGCL) | What is DGCL token

Creating and trading NFTs will never be the same. Digicol is launching a platform for one-click NFT creation along with a liquid marketplace for trading these tokens. Removing the technical barriers to creating NFTs will pave the way for an influx of creators and a flourishing marketplace.

The DGCL token will play an essential governance role guiding how the platform evolves. It will also provide a means to compensate creators and holders of NFTs. Digicol creators will be rewarded with a share of trading fees every time their NFT changes ownership while those that showcase their holdings can also earn rewards.

DGCL also allows holders to secure fractional ownership of NFTs. Physical collectable cards have recently been skyrocketing in price but the high prices prevent many from gaining exposure. The same concept can prevent digital asset enthusiasts from taking positions. On current platforms, the most valuable NFTs will only be accessible to those that have already built considerable wealth. DigiCol removes such barriers and allows DGCL holders to own fractional amounts of NFTs in the DigiCol marketplace.

DigiCol integrates** DeFi functionality** into their platform. NFTs can be collateralized to borrow assets like Ethereum and USDT. This is an unprecedented feature for NFT platforms with no other technology allowing NFT holders to use their holdings to access liquidity.

To make this DeFi functionality possible, DigiCol will operate a liquidity pool which will give users the opportunity to participate in liquidity mining. Those that provide liquidity to the pool will be rewarded with DGCL tokens.

DigiCol is transforming how NFTs can be created, traded, and used. With DigiCol, users can create NFTs with one-click. A vast marketplace of NFTs will be at their fingertips. Their NFTs can also be used to access liquidity in the form of other valuable assets.

DGCL is integral to the functioning of the DigiCol ecosystem. It properly rewards participants in the ecosystem while giving them boundless opportunities in a vast marketplace. DGCL holders will be able to use NFTs in innovative and unprecedented ways.

One-Click NFT Creation with DigiCol

Multi-functional infrastructure for the next wave of NFT adoption

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The hype in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) quickly dissipated as DeFi-related assets recorded sharp reversals in their price. DeFi users that were overleveraged observed their wealth evaporate as the value of their collateral diminished. As DeFi interest subsides, NFT interest has been piqued.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are distinct token types that derive their utility from being diverse and unique from other tokens. Data is suggesting that we are approaching the next wave of NFT adoption.

NFTs can be considered to be digital collectables which are traded and secured on a blockchain infrastructure. They are commonly tied to non-fungible ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Google data shows record-high search volume for the term “NFT”.

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Search traffic for the term “NFT” (Source:  trends.google.com)

DigiCol will provide the infrastructure for the next wave of NFT adoption. NFT users have previously faced stiff technical barriers to creating and using NFTs. It typically requires advanced coding knowledge and a deep familiarity with third-party wallets like MetaMask.

DigiCol is the first platform to empower users with one-click NFT creation. Moreover, users will be able to trade NFTs in the DigiCol marketplace without the hassles of connecting to a third-party wallet.

The previous NFT hype cycle resulted in some tokens being traded for over $100,000. But as interest resurfaces, NFT users will demand more sophisticated infrastructure and more liquid markets.

NFTs have found huge markets in fields like art collectibles and online gaming. We have already observed decentralized marketplacesemerge to cater to these niches. But none have the one-click creation and seamless trading features of DigiCol.

After DigiCol users create NFTs, they can launch them into a liquid marketplace and earn rewards when their tokens are traded. Users that own NFTs can earn rewards in tokens native to the DigiCol platform by showcasing their holdings in the marketplace.

NFTs created on DigiCol can also be used to access highly-demanded digital assets like Ethereum and USDT. NFTs can be placed into secure smart contracts as collateral to borrow Ethereum and USDT.

DigiCol will drastically change how crypto enthusiasts interact with NFTs. Previous spikes in NFT activity have been predominantly driven by hardcore enthusiasts with the technical knowledge to create and trade. DigiCol will open the gates for a much wider user base.

Those that wish to experiment can easily create unique tokens. Those that wish to speculate on the future value of NFTs will find a vast marketplace on DigiCol. Creators who want to put their design skills to the test can launch their custom NFTs to the market and gauge demand. Those that create the most coveted NFTs will be highly rewarded.

DigiCol is changing the NFT landscape. It will provide a multi-functional infrastructure that makes NFT creation and trading seamless and secure. Built upon the Ethereum blockchain, DigiCol has immense amounts of globally-distributed computing power securing NFT ownership and transactions.

source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRoUYLRbSDI

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What is DigiCol (DGCL) | What is DGCL token
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