In Part 1 of facial detection using MTCNN, we explained the basic concepts related to the topic. In this part, we will thoroughly explain the process of installing the prerequisites and achieving the output, i.e., facial landmarking on images/videos.

This entire practical implementation is based on the python package MTCNN. Let’s dive right into it_._

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Handsome Squidward Detected

Installation of prerequisites

It is advisable to use Anaconda virtual environment to perform facial detection using MTCNN as it requires the usage of specific versions of Tensorflow and Keras and other peripheral libraries required are as mentioned below:

  • Numpy: pip install numpy
  • Matplotlib:pip install maplotlib
  • Pillow: pip install Pillow
  • Tensorflow: conda install tensorflow==2.0.0 (Ensure that you install this specific version)
  • MTCNN: pip install mtcnn
  • Keras (uninstall): conda remove keras
  • Keras (install): conda install keras

_It is necessary that you __uninstall Keras __and __reinstall _it to ensure that a compatible version of Keras with Tensorflow 2.0.0 is installed.

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Face Detection Using MTCNN
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