UI structures actually utilize inheritance as a key tool to stay away from code excess, and the Flutter system is no exemption. All things being equal, when you compose Dart code that isn’t straightforwardly expanding the UI system, it is ideal to keep your inheritance chains shallow and favor piece when it bodes well.

There is a pattern in software development away from the profound, branching class trees mainstream with object-arranged languages. Some accept more current functional ideal models ought to altogether supplant OOP in the software plan. This leaves numerous with the possibility that inheritance is not placed in software development anymore, or that its utilization ought to be rigorously restricted.


this blog, we will be **Exploring Inheritance and Composition in Dart & Flutter. **We will take a look at how inheritance and composition patterns will work with dart and flutter in your flutter applications.

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What is Inheritance in Flutter?

Types of Inheritance

Inheritance In Data Models

What is Composition in Flutter?

Use of Composition child pattern in Flutter

Composition In Data Models


What is Inheritance in Flutter?:

Inheritance is the capacity of a class to inherit properties and strategies from a superclass and the’s superclass, etc. It is exemplified in Dart by the @override metatag. With it, a subclass’s execution of inherited conduct can be particular to be proper to its more explicit subtype. It permits extending out a class to a particular adaptation of that class. As said before all classes acquire from the Object type, just by pronouncing a class, we expand the Object type. Dart permits a single direct legacy and has uncommon help for mixins, which can be utilized to extend class functionalities without direct inheritance, simulating various inheritances, and reusing code.

Mixins are a method of reusing a class code in numerous class hierarchies. To utilize a mixin, utilize the with a keyword followed by at least one mixin name. To indicate that lone particular sorts can utilize the mixin — for the model, so your mixin can summon a strategy that it doesn’t define — use on to determine the necessary superclass.

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Exploring Inheritance and Composition in Dart & Flutter
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