You can have a look at the deployed interactive demo or have a look at the github repo.

MNIST is a classic dataset for training image classifiers using Deep Learning. The dataset consists of 70,000 handwritten digits, stored as images. Playing around with Deep Learning for a bit now, I thought it might be fun to see what performance is possible to achieve as someone being new to the field.

My idea was to combine a classifier with a small Frontend to let the user draw a digit with the mouse and see the results in real time. After all, having a piece of code perform well is one thing, but making it approachable for users is another.

Being in Web Development for a couple of years now, building the frontend was not too much of a problem. I know I could use canvas to let the user draw. Around that, I would need a basic web page, displaying the results, loading state etc. More on that later.

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Building a Real-Time digit classifier using MNIST
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