A Dead Simple Code Editor with Syntax Highlighting and Line Numbers

Vue Prism Editor

A dead simple code editor with syntax highlighting and line numbers. 7kb/gz





  • Code Editing ^^
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Undo / Redo
  • Copy / Paste
  • The spaces/tabs of the previous line is preserved when a new line is added
  • Works on mobile (thanks to contenteditable)
  • Resize to parent width and height new
  • Support for line numbers new
  • Support for autosizing the editor new
  • Autostyling the linenumbers(optional) new

Use Case

The goal of this project is to have a simple code editor. You can use to make small changes of some content or you just need a textarea with syntax highlighting. That’s what it’s good for. If you need an advanced code editor use Codemirror or Monaco Editor.


npm install vue-prism-editor


yarn add vue-prism-editor


Register the component locally and use it (recommended)

  <prism-editor :code="code" language="js"></prism-editor>

import PrismEditor from 'vue-prism-editor'
export default {
  components: {

Or register the component globally in main.js

import VuePrismEditor from "vue-prism-editor";
import "vue-prism-editor/dist/VuePrismEditor.css"; // import the styles
Vue.component("prism-editor", VuePrismEditor);

Browser usage:

<!-- vue-prism-editor JavaScript -->
<script src="https://unpkg.com/vue-prism-editor"></script>

<!-- vue-prism-editor CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/vue-prism-editor/dist/VuePrismEditor.css">

<!-- use -->
Vue.component('vue-prism-editor', VuePrismEditor)
new Vue({
    el: '#app'


This package won’t install Prismjs. If you use Prismjs already skip this step. If not you need to load Prismjs somewhere in your app:

// yarn add prismjs
import "prismjs";
import "prismjs/themes/prism.css";


<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/prismjs/themes/prism.css" />
<script src="https://unpkg.com/prismjs"></script>


Name Type Default Options Description
v-model string - - for the code prop below
code string "" - the code
language String "js" vue,html,md,ts + Prismjs Languages language of the code
lineNumbers Boolean false - Whether to show line numbers or not
readonly Boolean false - Indicates if the editor is read only or not.
emitEvents Boolean false - Indicates if the editor should emit events.
autoStyleLineNumbers Boolean true - Allow the line number to be styled by this component.


Name Parameters Description
change (code) Fires when the code is changed.

The events below won’t be fired unless you set the emitEvents prop to true.

Name Parameters Description
keydown (event) This event is emitted when a keydown event happens in editor
keyup (event) This event is emitted when a keyup event happens in editor
editor-click (event) This event is emitted when clicking anywhere in the contenteditable editor

Download Details:

Author: koca

Live Demo: https://prism-editor.netlify.com/

GitHub: https://github.com/koca/vue-prism-editor

#vuejs #javascript #vue #vue-js

A Dead Simple Code Editor with Syntax Highlighting and Line Numbers
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