Ideal Features of A Case Study Assignments 

A case study assignment can be daunting and brainstorming for students. So, they need case study assignment help that provides them adequate facts, research, analysis, and proper presentation of data. Inexpert students hire case study expert who has a huge experience in the particular subject or field.    

Types of case study 
There are mainly three types of case studies:

Single instrumental case study
In this type of case study, the researcher clears the basic concept by focusing on the subject matter or concern and then chooses a limited case or example to demonstrate that issue. 

Collective or multiple case studies
This is like an instrumental case study. Here the scholar first focuses on a specific issue. Now, the researcher can analyze the concern at various levels. 

Intrinsic case study
An intrinsic case study is entirely different from the rest of the two case studies. Here, the case study itself the primary focus. It can be a place, person, organization, etc. 

 Features of case study:
There are mainly six features of a case study last minute assignment:
Title: Students should be careful enough while selecting the topic for the case study assignment. Don’t finalize your title before starting the case study. Pick some adjectives that define your case study and title it at the end of your paper.  

The introduction is all about defining the primary purpose of your case study. It should be interesting, short, and informative. Your introduction should portray a generic idea about the topic. 

Always explain the theory of your case study, which scrutinizes the issues, causes, and characteristics of your study. This is a crucial part of your case study, so you should take help from online case study assignment writing services.  

Identified solutions
Your case study is meaningless without a proper solution. You should always provide new solutions or ideas to support your study and also explain the problems. While writing a case study, you should focus on both sides of the coin.

Relevant theories
Relevant theories are a huge task to write a case study. You should mention all the evidence regarding the case study. It will make your assignment more engaging.  Related Source: essay writer

Don’t rush while making a case study conclusion. Students should mention the suggestions in conclusion. You should mention some real-life experiences, facts, and events in your conclusion.    

Reference list
Always mention the references at the closing phase of your case study and always provide reliable sources.

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