With its most recent IPO that took the whole Wall Street by storm, everyone in the data market space is talking about Snowflake — a cloud-based data warehouse-as-a-service.

As companies are eagerly switching from traditional server-based data warehouses to modern server-less ones (as described in detail by Lars Kamp in his letter to his investors), it’s very likely that your company is looking at adopting Snowflake and revamping the complementary data stack.

In response to this movement, as a data analyst/engineer, you set out to find the most compatible BI and reporting tools for this data source.

Although Snowflake has kindly listed out all BI tools that it can inter-operate with, it is not enough for us to simply decide which one fits our company’s demand for data.

This blog will give you a detailed comparison of the top 5 Snowflake BI & reporting tools, which hopefully will give you some pointers to choosing the most suitable one for your current data stack.

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Top 5 Snowflake BI & Reporting Tools: Detailed Comparison
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