Monitoring your AWS Lambda performance takes a crucial part in your everyday AWS Lambda usage. Monitoring helps you identify any performance issues, and it can also send you alerts and notify you of anything you might need to know. The world is slowly getting to a point where machines and computers will be flawless, but until then, if we let them perform various tasks for us, we could at least monitor their performance.

For this to happen, we need another kind of program which would monitor the activity of our automated work. There are programs (or tools) that can offer significant help with the monitoring of your AWS Lambda performance, and in this article, I will cover the top 3 AWS Lambda monitoring tools and explain how they work and what exactly are they used for.


Dashbird is excellent in providing error alerts and also in monitoring support. Dashbird collects and analyzes CloudWatch logs while zeroing the effects on your AWS Lambda performance. Integration with the Slack account is also possible, and that brings all alerts about early exits, crashes, cold starts, timeouts, runtime errors, etc. to your development chat. Dashbird’s error diagnostics, advanced log searching, and function statistics are only a few of benefits Dashbird offers to its users.

All the needed information is available on a dashboard including an overview of all invocations, top active functions, system health and recent errors. Going down to invocation level data is yet another offering from Dashbird, and there you can analyze all of the functions separately. It’s very user-friendly while it provides all the information you could possibly ask for. Dashbird detailed views for performance tracking, optimization and error handling, tracking and error monitoring, and troubleshooting are what makes Dashbird a tool you always wanted. Providing a quick overview of everything going on with your serverless infrastructure which includes invocation volumes, latency, failures, and overall health.


Top 3 AWS Lambda Performance Monitoring Tools
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