The technology world is an ever-growing and expanding one, which today has many segments of its own. From that, app development is a highly evolving one. Dart Vs. Kotlin is the prime example of this.

Before moving to the comparison between these two successful programming languages. Let’s first witness their current status of evolution.

It’s common knowledge that Dart is used for Flutter, a cross-platform SDK. But you’ll be wrong if you still believe that Kotlin is only used for android.

Yes! The programming language, in its latest innovation, has unfolded its cross-platform benefits through Kotlin multi-platform.

Below I have tried to cover all the standard and new aspects of the comparison between Dart and Kotlin.


Google developed Dart to deliver optimized client apps and ease the development process. It came into the world nine years back. Since then, it has successfully manifested the reputation of being an ahead-of-its-time technology. This has enabled many visionaries to provide the world with apps that deliver an experience like never before. We’ll talk about apps developed with Dart in the later part of the blog.

Kotlin is also developed by one of the highly renowned tech giants, JetBrains. It was developed nine years ago to meet their demand for a simpler language than Java. While they even wanted the new technology to be interoperable with it. Since then, Kotlin has risen to be one of the prominent programming languages in the world. Its use has widely grown, to the extent that in 2019 Google announced it to be the preferred language for android app developers.

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Dart Vs Kotlin: The Detailed Comparison In 2021
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