What is Katalyo (KTLYO) | What is KTLYO token

Katalyo is a no-code cross-chain platform for building hybrid blockchain powered applications. With Katalyo individuals and organisations can build blockchain powered applications without writing a single line of code. On top of no-code features for building web based frontend, by using Katalyo platform people can create tokens and NFTs, build DeFi applications, include smart contract execution in any part of the workflow. KTLYO is a utility token used to enable and consume service of the platform inluding NFT creation and cross-chain transfers.

What is Katalyo?

No-code is revolutionising the way people and organisations build and deploy applications. In addition to this, technologies like blockchain, AI, IoT are introducing new paradigms and creating new business models.

Katalyo was founded on the premise that everyone should have access to the new technologies, paradigms and business models even if they don’t have the necessary programming skills and other resources.

Katalyo’s vision is to build a comprehensive no-code ecosystem that empowers people and organisations with access to bleeding edge technology and to build web 3.0 applications without writing a single line of code.

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Our mission is to continuously learn, educate and build the right set of tools and resources and unleash them onto the world and empower everyone to turn their idea into reality.

We’ve been building our ecosystem for over a year now and along the way we found people that share our vision and some of them became our partners and some became our customers.

Together with them we’re building several solutions including the real estate tokenization platform or service desk solution powered by blockchain.

In these turbulent and hard times we’re also looking to help those in need so we’re working with nonprofits to deploy our solution to make them more efficient and provide the help to everyone in need.

What is Katalyo DeFi

Smarter, faster and cheaper way to automate operations and build DeFi without writing a single line of code.

Key Benefits and Features of the platform

  1. No-code

2. Cross-chain capabilites

3. Seamless transfer via Katalyo bridge

4. Cross-chain liquidity

5. Full functionality for NFT-related tasks: token creation, marketplace and etc.

$KTLYO: Tokenomics

General information:

Name of the token: KTLYO

**Contract: **0x24E3794605C84E580EEA4972738D633E8a7127c8

Total supply: 85 000 000 KTLYO

Token allocation

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Development fund: 20%

Most of this allocation is locked (at least 6 months). This fund is used to attract and incentivise projects to build on Katalyo platform.

Liquidity provision: 17.15%

Most of this allocation is locked (at least 6 months). Katalyo plans to list on Uniswap and various CEX exchanges and these tokens will be used to provide the liquidity on exchanges where the token will be listed.

NFT minting fund: 10%

Most of this allocation is locked (at least 6 months). Used to support project in NFT space (Katalyo or partners). Katalyo tokens used to mint NFTs are locked within NFT for as long as NFT exists. Katalyo tokens can only be released if the creator destroys the NFT.

Marketing/PR/Advisors: 15%

Most of this allocation is locked (at least 6 months), will be spend rationally on marketing activities after the launch.

Partnerships & Integrations fund: 15%

Most of this allocation is locked (at least 6 months), this fund will be used for incentives to our partners and for integration of Katalyo technologies into B2B solutions and established blockchain platforms.

Team: 10% (fully locked for 24 months)

Public Pre-Sale: 7,85% (fully unlocked)

Reserve fund: 5%

This fund is used in case of any unexpected events (fully locked for 12 months)


85% of the tokens are locked (from 6 to 48 months). Team tokens are locked for 24 months.

Pre-Sale details

Pre-Sale details will be revealed tomorrow (4.12). Pre-Sale will take place on the 6th of December at 16:00 UTC on Bounce platform.

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What is Katalyo (KTLYO) | What is KTLYO token
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