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Gatsby WordPress Starter

For detailed documentation on the Decoupled Kit Starters, visit the Decoupled Kit developer documentation.

For more information on using the starter on Pantheon Front-End Sites, visit the platform documentation.

Getting Started

The Gatsby WordPress starter requires Node.js and is built and tested on the LTS version which can be found on the Node.js downloads page.

The starter kit supports npm, pnpm, and yarn. If you created the starer via the Pantheon Front-End Sites dashboard, it will use npm by default. To change this, delete the package-lock.json file and the node-modules folder, then run the install command of your preferred package manager.

If you created the starter via create-pantheon-decoupled-kit, it will detect the package manager used to run the command and use it install the starter's dependencies unless the --noInstall flag was used.

@pantheon-systems npm Packages

@pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit npm package

The Pantheon @pantheon-systems/wordpress-kit is included as a dependency in this project. This allows developers to make use of utility functions to simplify the process of building and maintaining a Front-End site on Pantheon.

The tailwindcssPlugin is included in this project and is used to map WordPress Block Editor styles to Tailwind styles.

API reference documentation can be found at


The create-pantheon-decoupled-kit npm package, or "the CLI", is the single source of truth for all of the JavaScript/TypeScript starter kit templates. See Using the CLI for more information.

In addition to scaffolding new projects, a number of add-ons are available which can be added to an existing project. For more detailed information on the available add-ons, see the Decoupled Kit developer documentation.


To ensure the Decoupled Kit starter has what it needs to source data from a Decoupled Kit Backend, a health-check is run as a part of the the build command and will error in case a critical component is not met.

See a detailed description of the health-check here.

To disable the health check, see Disabling the decoupled kit health check

Local development


To configure the starter for local development with Lando, see the Decoupled Kit developer docs on Local Development.


The Decoupled Kit starters include a number of scripts defined in the package.json. To list all of these scripts, cd into your starter's directory and in a terminal use the npm run command.

Some commands include:


Runs the starter in developer mode.


Runs the build step for the starter. By default, the @pantheon-systems/decoupled-kit-health-check is run before the build. This command is required for Pantheon Front-End Sites.


Runs the starter in local production mode.


Runs the tests.


Updates the snapshots used for the snapshot tests. The starter comes with an example snapshot test that may need to be updating depending on your configuration.


Use POST for GraphQL requests

This starter uses GET for GraphQL requests by default in order to utilize the WPGraphQL Smart Cache Network Cache. Editing this configuration to use POST requests can be done in /lib/WordPressClient.js.

To achieve this, set each GraphQLClientFactory constructor's method parameter to equal POST.

export const client = new GraphQLClientFactory(process.env.backendUrl, {
    method: 'POST',

Download Details:

Author: pantheon-systems

Official Github: 

License: GPL-3.0 license


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