JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks are known to make the lives of developers easy. While coding for multiple browsers, JavaScript is almost the only choice for front-end developers. The rapid growth of Node.js has ensured that JavaScript is not limited to front-end and simplifies back-end development.

Node.js has gained rapid traction among developers as it allows the use of JavaScript on both the front-end and the back-end of an application. As a result, the source code of any app is consistent and fastens app development, as developers use one language.

Designed to be lightweight, Node.js provide functionalities as a web server to boost web application development speed. Partner with a  NodeJS development company to leverage npm, its package manager, the largest ecosystem of open-source libraries.

What is a Node framework?

A Node.js framework provides a set of tools, guidelines, and recommended practices to save development time. It also can help standardize the code standards across a team of developers.

In this blog post, we provide a roundup of top Node.js framework that helps developers to save time and eliminate the need of reinventing the wheel.


Express.jsA fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js,  Express.js is specially designed to build single-page web applications and APIs. Described as a Sinatra-inspired server by the original TJ Holowaychuk, ExpressJS is relatively minimal with many features available as plugins. Express is the backend component of the MEAN stack.

Often dubbed as a de facto standard server framework for Node.js, it is fast and helps in directing servers and routers. Express comes across as the most feasible option for businesses wanting to build a product quickly and without legacy code.

  • Support for plugins and extensions
  • Several popular Node.js frameworks are built on Express
  • HTTP utility methods and middleware to create a robust API quickly
  • Set of features for web and mobile applications

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Top Node.JS Framework to Watch out in 2021
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