Hi! Let’s create today a Progressive Web Application in 3 easy steps.

  1. Create an Application Shell
  2. Create the main Functionality using #JavaScript
  3. Implement Progressive Web features

First things first. What is the Progressive Web App? #PWA is a user experience that has the reach of the web: Reliable, Fast, Engaging. This new level of quality allows PWA to earn a place on the user’s home screen.
PWA key features are Progressive, Responsive, Connectivity independent, App-like, Fresh, Safe, Discoverable, Re-engageable, Installable, and Linkable.
The Architecture of PWA consists of the App Shell and the Content. Let’s start today from the App Shelf. We will create the app titled “The conscious timer.” A simple and straightforward approach to stay focused. Hit the button to start the timer. The ring bells every 5 minutes remembering to keep your focus. Easy.

#progressive web app #web app #pwa

PWA in 3 easy steps: The conscious timer 1 of 3 (create HTML shell)
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