Flashcard and Kanji Writing Flutter App


Flashcard and Kanji writing mobile app made in Flutter. After a somewhat long hiatus, I have decided to resume this Hobby Project of mine.

As I have been frustrated by the fact that apps on the market do not provide a ‘good’ way to learn to write Japanese Characters, I have decided to create my own app.

Inspired by both Anki and WaniKani, tools which I still use at the moment on my Japanese learning journey. While they are great tools, I have been wanting to create something of my own for a while.

Although the idea is to have this app be open source, if I ever decide to publish it, I might make this repo private, as I am not sure on the licensing.


Current Mock 'Overview Screen.

Planned Features

Barebone features that this project will have to satisfy for me.

  • Front-end

    • [ ] Overview Page
    • [ ] Statistics Page
    • [ ] Settings Page
    • [ ] Games Page
  • Firestore

    • [ ] Login System
    • [x] Firestore Integration
    • [x] Update UI on Firestore Changes
    • [x] Update Firestore on User Interaction/Background Processing
    • [x] Create models to represent data to be stored in Firestore
  • SRS

    • [x] Implement the SM2 algorithm
    • [ ] Hook up SRS to the rest of the application
    • [ ] Create efficient ways of mapping SRS data to Firestore
  • Learn System (Cannot review what you have not learned yet.)

  • Flashcard (Review) System

  • Kanji Writing Cards

    • [ ] Implement Writing Package
  • WaniKani Import

  • Implement Import from pre-defined decks

  • Japanese Character Data

    • [x] Deserialize JP Data and Graphics into usable format
    • [ ] Hook up Backend to this Data
  • Learning Games

    • [ ] Implement Shiritori
    • [ ] Implement Game where you have n pairs of cards mixed up, and you try to match them (Meaning -> Reading or other way around)

Where does the name come KanjiMaru come from?

It comes from an adorable fluff ball named Maru. The reason I remember the Kanji ‘丸’.

Click to watch the video. You must watch it!


Download Details:

Author: ExitTrance

Source Code: https://github.com/ExitTrance/KanjiMaru

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Flashcard and Kanji Writing Flutter App
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