There are just too many programming languages to learn and use in projects. You are probably well aware about the characteristics of  Java,  Python,  C#, etc. Today we will learn about a little bit less popular and more modern language - Go.

In the  Stackoverflow survey Go is being cited as the 5th most loved and the 3d most wanted programming language.

Go is also known to be one of the highest-paying languages as developers working with it make on average $140K a year.

Stay around and find out what Go/Golang is, whether it is good for web development, and the 5 most popular Golang web development frameworks.

What is Go/Golang?

Go is a statically typed compiled programming language. Its domain name is which is why some people call it Golang.

The language first rolled out in 2009 and was developed by Google. Robert Griesemr, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson united in their dislike towards C++ and tried to design a language that includes useful properties of other languages but does not possess cons of theirs.

Go combines the advantages of such languages as C (static typing and run-time), Python, and JavaScript (uncomplicated syntax).

In 12 years, Go surpassed the popularity of Ruby and Kotlin and became one of the most loved and wanted languages in the development community, according to the  StackOverflow Developer Survey.

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Golang Web Development: When And Why Should You Consider It?
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