Gulp Starter: Building Gulp Projects with Tailwind CSS

Tailwind Starter

A starter kit to get going with tailwind, gulp and browser-sync.

tailwind starter kit

Time to design in the browser and create something awesome with tailwind!

This starter kit gives you a browser-sync dev server, which comes pretty handy. Everytime you save a HTML file, your browser will inject new styles / reload the page for your convenience, so you can focus on what you're creating.

Go ahead and build something cool!

How to get started?

  1. Clone this repo
  2. yarn or npm install to install the required dependencies
  3. Customise the tailwind.js config file (only if needed!)
  4. gulp to kickoff the dev server, and open your browser window. Optionally you can run the following:
    • yarn dev or npm run dev to start the development server
    • yarn build or npm run build to run a build without starting the server
  5. Edit index.html in ./dist/ and start creating!

If you make changes to the tailwind config, you may need to stop and restart the browser-sync server for changes to apply.

Have fun! 🎉



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Author: simonswiss

#tailwindcss #javascript 

Gulp Starter: Building Gulp Projects with Tailwind CSS
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