As a new Data Scientist, you know that your path begins with programming languages you need to learn. Among all languages that you can select from Python is the most popular language for all Data Scientists. In this article, I will cover 7 reasons behind Python’s popularity that will help you to understand why programmers love it.

1. Simplicity

Python is one of the easiest languages to start your journey. Also, its simplicity does not limit your functional possibilities.

What gives Python such flexibility? There are multiple factors:

  • Python is a free and open-source language
  • This is a high-level programming
  • Python is interpreted
  • It has an enormous community

In addition, Python is fast in writing. Just compare these 2 examples written in Java and Python:

Java vs Python Comparison

Java vs Python Comparison

This quick example shows how you can benefit from Python. Rather than type 3 code lines, you need to write 1 only. Just imagine how much time you can save with more complicated tasks.

1. Scalability

Python is a programming language that scales very fast. Among all available languages, Python is a leader in scaling. That means that Python has more and more possibilities.

Python flexibility is super useful for any problem in-app development

Any problem can be decided easily with new updates that are coming. Saying that Python provides the best options for newbies because there are many ways to decide the same issue.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Learn Python as a Data Scientist
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