Are you looking to become a Spring Boot microservices developer? This video will show you how to do it in 10 steps.
We'll start by learning about microservices architecture, and then we'll see how to create a simple microservice with Spring Boot. I'll also show you how to deploy your microservices to a production environment.
This video is targeted at Java developers who are new to Spring Boot or who want to learn more about microservices. It's easy to follow, and it will help you get started developing microservices with Spring Boot.

In this video I will help you to understand the steps to learn java, spring boot and microservices.  This is a roadmap video which will discuss the following :

The prerequisites for spring framework 
Different modules to learn in spring framework and spring boot 
How to learn the microservices after learning spring boot. 
The difference between Spring and Spring Boot
How much Java is required for Spring Boot

You can treat this video as the Java Developer Guide to learn the above in a step by step manner.


Introduction -  00:00
What is a Framework - 01:10Spring The no1 java framework - 03:47
Spring framework prerequisites - 09:02
Spring boot roadmap / learning path  -14:54
Spring Vs Spring Boot - 27:54
Microservices roadmap - 35:57
How to master spring boot (My Recommendation) - 44:32

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 Master Spring Boot Microservices Development in 10 Steps
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