The leadership strategies in today’s world are designed to harness the cognitive and behavioral skills of senior business executives with the implicit assumption that would exemplify the high performance across the organizations. In the age of AI, leadership management is more focused on acts and activities leaders need to undertake as compared to the conventional approach of tapping into just values, qualities, and behavioral styles. Dismissing the idea of staying detached from market results people are expected to achieve, AI leaderships’ actions, now, are rather closely connected to market realities.

As AI is becoming a core aspect of business strategy, the broader adoption of technology is fundamentally changing every aspect of the way leaders lead, recruit, train and inspire their teams. They encourage their employees more to apply AI and human power collaboratively to achieve their vision for the company, to the way they drive innovation and competitiveness. The market reports quite evidently describe how leadership action in designing AI strategy drive better ROI from the technology.

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Leadership Capacity in the Dynamic Age of Artificial Intelligence
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