Kemko Manufacturing Company is a respected brand in the manufacturing of high-quality household appliances. The firm has expanded through the accruement of other entities. However, the autonomous freedom allowed on its manufacturing plants threatens the cash flow and the inventory system. Scope creep emerges as a source of each company having their documentation on the protocol required in the production process. The paper will focus on Kemko organization and analyse the comments made by a senior official in the Information Technology department, and make recommendations on the best ways of handling IT projects.
Janet Adams, the director of the Information Technology department, is appointed to control the project. In a kick-off meeting, Janet tells the Plant representatives that they should provide comprehensive requirement packages because when the project initiates, they will not allow any scope changes. She asks the IT team to take its time to understand the client’s requirements and undertake the stated functions. However, the team is not allowed to exercise perfectionism in their work, nor conspire with the customers to make changes without Janet’s permission.
Janets Comments to the Plant Representatives
Janet was correct in the comments she made to the plant representatives, since scope creep is a failed system that attacks project management since its establishment. Managing it requires precise definition, documentation, and controlled specifications of the project. During the production process, most clients are not concerned about the contents of the agreement, rather about their business. If they set their mind on believing that the manufacturing company is liable to carry out a particular work, then they will ask for it, some out of innocence or ignorance. Therefore, it is vital to have a clearly defined scope.
However, Janet appears to dictate, from the way in which she delivered the message about the creep system. It was more of a tyrannical and authoritarian, contrary to the expectations of a business leader.
Janets Comments to the IT Team Members
Janet was correct in some of the outlines she discussed to the IT team members, while in some she was not. The IT team should take the time to understand the requirements of the clients. It is also right for her to get notified of any changes a client wants so that they don’t falter from the initiatives they have created. However, perfectionism in some work is necessary since the business world is competitive, especially when one is not enjoying a monopoly.
Changes on IT Projects
It is always better to make changes on IT projects using enhancement projects, rather than making them as one goes along to avoid further expenses. When one makes changes as they progress, a lot of time is wasted that can better be used on other projects.
Determining Projected Outcomes
Some of the organizations representatives opted to resign and find other options, but most of them stayed with the company. These changes eased the work of the company, making the cash flow return to normalcy. The corporation’s work was easy, and management became better than before.
Though it was not a controversial matter, Janet should have made the clients feel the changes were in their best interest and for the company. Due to other competitors, she should have expressed her changes to the plant representatives in a welcoming tone. I recommend the company to introduce a predetermined premium rate for any additional works a client needs, since some projects are unpredictable. They should not restrict the employees from perfecting their jobs, but they should be under a specific budget, addressed before the client so that they are in agreement.
Lesson Learned
The lesson drawn from this case study is that there should always be a clearly defined documentation and the relevant specification for a project to avoid scope creep.
According to concerns raised by Janet, it is important to understand the needs of customers before pursuing any project related to Information Technology. Using enhanced projects to makes changes enables the firm to avoid incurring additional expenses. Even though some of the company members could have had different opinions from what Janet stood for, the benefits enjoyed such as cash flow efficiency, would later change their mind.

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