Learn how to add Stripe payments to your Ionic React mobile app using NodeJS and Capacitor. This video will show you how to set up Stripe, create a payment form, and process payments in your app.

How To Add Stripe Payments To Ionic React JS Mobile App Using NodeJS & Capacitor

This code walk-through will show you how to set up your Ionic React application to support the Payment Sheet From Stripe using the Capacitor Community Stripe Plugin. We will also create a small server application to run locally to create the payment intent secret that is required for the application to work properly with Stripe. Finally, we will show how to package and deploy the application to a mobile device using Ionic Capacitor

💥 Chapters
00:00 - Intro - App Demo
02:06 - Start Code Walkthrough - Node Server
04:42 - Walkthrough of Mobile Application
08:40 - Step By Step Blog Post

💥 Links

SOURCE CODE - https://github.com/aaronksaunders/stripe-ionic7

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Ionic React Stripe: Mobile Payments with NodeJS & Capacitor
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