What is Wolves of Wall Street (WOWS) | What is WOWS token

THE WOLVES OF WALL STREET is a project focused on innovating in the DeFi/NFT (non-fungible tokens) space by focusing on solid farming and DeFi fundamentals within two of the three pillars of DeFi: lending interest, and market-making fees. We are bringing gamification to sit on top of these fundamentals through the innovative use of what we believe is a world-first use of SFT’s (semi-fungible tokens) as mini DAOs, trading with their own unique contract profiles to farm and stake.

We are a team of five professionals, who are non-anon specialists in their field, intent on delivering a secure DeFi project in a way that merges visualized cryptocurrency and gamification with proven DeFi investment protocols, built entirely on open source code.

How we introduce innovative use of NFT’s into the DeFi space

NFT’s are most usually minted as ERC-721 tokens. These are unique non-fungible (non-replicable) tokens described as collectables. Because of their unique token features, they are perfect to be minted with artwork along with rarity such as 1 of 20 similar to printed artworks. This can be kittens, memes pretty much anything you want. So far so collectible. However, these NFT ERC-721 token types can’t do much more than being a collectible, and that is their value, but because they are not a currency (Fungible) they aren’t able to integrate with the 3 pillars of DeFi in a way that we feel gives innovation, higher value and expands the gamification element.

This is where other crypto gaming folks like Enjin or Aavegotchi come in. Enjin’s solution was to create a token type that is both currency and collectible at the same time and can hold value without wrapping it around token currency. This token format is called ERC-1155 - an SFT (Semi Fungible Token). Aavegotchi which also has a DeFi gamification goal uses their SFT’s with collateral staking value in order to then interact with AAVE protocol which is more similar to our project. In the meanwhile quite a few projects do use ERC-1155 tokens to enable users to stake what they believe are NFT’s but in reality, they are SFTs. Why complicate things by calling them SFTs when you just say “Stake your NFT to receive rewards!”

Our solution is more in-depth and our goal is to have our SFT’s jump fully into the DeFi space with both feet, and we do this by also using ERC-1155 token type but expanding its use-case with a unique wrapping of actual-entire Ethereum contracts in order to give our SFT’s complex decentralized, automated organizational (DAO) capabilities with individual and unique performance metrics when unleashed in Yearn and other well-established strategies. Rather than the platform being the DAO and contract holder, and different NFT’s, carriers of value, or using staking collateral like Aavegotchi that interact with that DAO, we are creating SFTs that are the DAO, unique in their capabilities befitting of their rarity, that once purchased and given budget and access to the trading floor, a.k.a. our d’app, can sit in your wallet creating unique levels of profit in multiple strategies. Users of SFTs can stake and farm in a decentralized manner which means your SFT can sit in your wallet without being locked into a platform and it will continue trading the value it has been assigned in the profit-seeking strategy. Additional locking in our liquidity and stable coin pools on our d’app is leveraging the return on investment significantly. Later abstractions will allow secret enhancements to each SFT in order to increase their overall capabilities and ability to gain rewards within the protocols and therefore allow for further gamification.

Your SFT will be gaining value through individual profit-seeking, rewards, enhancements, gamification, rarity and demand.

The exact gameplay and investment strategy within our protocol will be explained in the next article.

THE WOLVES and THE BOIS: Introducing our protagonists.

We are taking our project back to the core of DeFi: trading. Inhabiting the USA financial center of trading that is Wall Street. Who doesn’t want to be a wolf of wall street? — but in our case, you literally can. And like every good ecosystem, you need balance. We have two factions that interact with our DeFi pillars and they are 1. the liquidity providers which can stake their LP token (holder & stakers) and 2. the stable coin farmers.

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Our first groups are the holders and liquidity pool providers. Who better to represent a personification of lone holders and stakers than the eponymous Wolf. Made famous by films and fables, they are the true face of ruthless trading and cunning profit-seeking. Our wolves will be programmed to do your bidding at all costs. But they are also misunderstood. Yes they may exist as lone operators, yes they may be after quicker wins and early rewards, but they are often champions of projects and their existence largely feeds the success of a project and those around them, as well as benefiting the DeFi ecosystem.

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Our second group are stable coin farmers. We characterize them as the Good Bois aka the Bois, aka dogs. They are the dependable backbone of DeFi providing the large-scale stable coin liquidity befitting of large business owners and corporate leaders. As long-term strategy profit earners, they understand the benefits of the long play and compounding profit. Their stable coin interest and farming yield are further enhanced by compounding mechanics especially for Business Bois, a private glad-handing club for stable coin profit makers only. More on that later!

They are strong in their own right and are here to stay and here to earn, and yet paradoxically they aren’t always that beneficial to a given project due to their fondness for stable coin liquidity, DeFi strategies, and generally entitled existence. Because of this the wolves aren’t happy, and they’re going to do some corporate raiding - another unique feature to the d’app and the gamification concept. More about the exact gameplay you can find in our next article.


Our marketing microsite is live.

This site will serve as an informational and aspirational center before our d’app goes online. Here you can find all information about the project, the roadmap and the team themselves. We are managing our pre-sale directly through a React element which calls into a unique Solidity contract on Ethereum, allowing the pre-sale to be fully decentralized, transparent and secure. More about the pre-sale you can find in our next article.


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For a clear orientation until the launch of the d’app we have created a roadmap which shows the most important milestones. This includes most importantly the pre-sale, the Uniswap listing and an AMA we will be doing prior pre-sale. More information will be updated in the next article.

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We are still at the beginning of an exciting journey, bringing DeFi, NFT and gamification into a high profit, secure, sustainable and fun use-case.


The presale will be held starting on Monday 15th of February 2021 15:30 pm UTC and will go on for one week till Monday 22nd of February 2021 or till the goal of 75 ETH is reached, whichever comes first.

  • Presale will take place on our D’app — we will announce the domain 3.5hrs before the launch at 12pm UTC in our Telegram channel.
  • We are distributing 6000 WOWS for 1 ETH = 80 WOWS or 1 WOWS = round 20$ USD (fluctuates with the price of ETH)
  • The minimum purchase for WOWS token will be 0.2 ETH.
  • The maximum purchase of WOWS token will be 3 ETH.

For the presale, you will be offered two options to get the WOWS token:

  1. Buy WOWS token and have it sent directly to your wallet.
  2. Buy WOWS token and provide automatic liquidity into Uniswap with 50/50 ETH/WOWS LP token creation. This will be done seamlessly for you and you can start staking and earning WOWS rewards during the presale (Trading on Uniswap won’t be possible till the presale is closed)

Our goal is to collect 75 ETH in funds.

  • 50% will go directly into the Uniswap Liquidity pool contract and be locked for 12 Months after presale with Unicrypt. This is managed automatically within our presale contract so you can rest assured this is going to happen.
  • The other 50% will go to the Marketing and Development Wallet. With these funds, we will ensure that we can be active, flexible and reactive to marketing efforts via big campaigns in magazines, crypto websites, crypto youtube channels, suitable twitter promotions, general promotions and partnerships. SFT creation, artist payments and design for future artworks will also be a big part as well as ongoing development like implementing marketplaces, an NFT index or yield generating NFTs as a Service. Therefore tokens which are not sold in the presale will go into the WOWS development wallet.

What happens after presale and how we will be launching on Uniswap

After the presale goals are met, we will be closing the presale purchase site on our webpage and:

  1. Launch Trading on Uniswap
  2. Open the staking platform for the early adopters who haven’t already bought LP tokens. Those that aren’t already staking can now join in by manually creating your LP tokens and staking them to earn WOWS. ( we will provide visual instruction steps on how to do this for those not familiar. )

Early adopters who stake LOTTERY announcement

Early adopters who stake from 22nd of February 2021 (including the earlier presale stakers) until the official launch of the Cryptofolio purchase D’app will not only benefit from the higher APY at that moment, they will also be automatically entered into our exclusive lottery.

Lottery winner levels are:

GOLD: 2 winners will get the №1 mint of either a WOLF Level 2 Cryptofolio SFT or a BOIS Level 2 Cryptofolio SFT.

SILVER: 2 winners will get the №1 mint of either a WOLF Level 1 Cryptofolio SFT or a BOIS Level 1 Cryptofolio SFT.

BRONZE: 20 Winners will get 1 WOLF or BOIS Level 1 Cryptofolio SFT.

Lottery is chosen at random, unstaking or removing the LP token in that period disqualifies the participation.

The same lottery mechanics will go to everybody who is providing liquidity from 22nd of February 2021 till the launch of SFT level three and four.

Tokenomics reminder.

Please review our tokenomics and emissions chart below, any questions please ask us in our TG channel linked below.

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We are at the beginning of an exciting journey, bringing DeFi, NFT/SFT and gamification into a high profit, secure, sustainable and fun use-case.

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What is Wolves of Wall Street (WOWS) | What is WOWS token
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