Ionic is a free and open-source component library for building apps that run on iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web. Ionic allows you to write your app once and using javascript and HTML and deploy to any platform. It also comes with many nice UI components, a command-line tool for creating apps as well as various platform integrations.

Today we will be creating an Ionic app in Vue using the Vue 3 composition API with typescript. We will go over the basics of both Vue and Ionic Framework and introduce you to creating an Ionic Vue app, adding some basic navigation, and introducing Capacitor as a way of building native apps.

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0:00 - Intro
0:56 - Setting up Project
1:35 - Project files
3:36 - Creating a list
4:20 - Navigation
5:15 - Capacitor
6:07 - Conclusion

#vue #ionic #javascript #andriod #ios #web

Ionic and Vue 3 Basics - Building cross platform apps
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