Angular is Google’s TypeScript-based framework for building desktop and mobile web apps. The latest update of Angular has been launched on 12th May and is now accessible as a production release. With various improvements, the upgrade deprecates the inheritance Vie Engine assemblage and delivers a pipeline for more current Ivy technology. The new version Angular 12 draws nearer to an “Ivy all over” vision for structure. Ivy is depicted as a cutting edge gathering and delivering pipeline, offering faster AOT compilation. Current libraries using View Engine will work with Ivy applications. The angular latest versions follows similar upgrades with contributions of sticker types and better router performance. Let us see the new features in Angular 12 version.

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Features Of Angular 12-

1. Ivy Everywhere-
The View Engine has finally been deprecated in Angular 12. The angular community has been working over ongoing deliveries towards the aim to combine the Angular ecosystem on Ivy. It is called “Ivy Everywhere”. As the View Engine is deprecated, it will be eliminated in future releases also. Current libraries are using View Engine and it will in any case work with Ivy apps, yet library authors should start transition to Ivy.

2. Deprecating Support For IE11-
Angular keeps it updated with an advancing web ecosystem. Removing the support for legacy browsers allows us to focus on giving modern solutions and better help to engineers and clients. Also, the team has included new deprecation warning message as another Angular 12 feature- and remove support for IE11 in Angular v13.

3. Protractor: Planning For Future-
It is one of the latest features of Angular 12. The team has been working with the community to determine the eventual fate of the Protractor. Now, they are investigating the feedback shared in the RFC and figuring out the best future for Protractor. The team have decided to exclude it in new tasks and, it in new tasks, considering all alternatives with popular 3rd party solutions in the Angular CLI. Now, team is working with Cypress, WebdriverIO, and TestCafe to help angularjs development company with receiving elective solutions. More data to come as this develops.

4. Migrating From Legacy i18n Message IDs-
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