Hello Readers, we are going to learn How to Create an Accordion using HTML CSS, and JavaScript. This accordion will be fully responsive. There are several projects that I have created before like Complete website, Drop-down Navigation Menu, Login Form, Cards so on, but I had not created any accordion. So That’s why without further ado let’s get started.

What is Accordion?
Accordion is the box on the webpage that contains mainly text article and have drop-down features. Accordion takes a small area and that displays only questions to the user, if the user wants to read the answer then they need to open it by clicking or doing a hover on the question.

As we can see on the webpage of google, when we search for something there on the news feed we see one section as a People Also Ask right? that section is called accordion.

Basically accordion contains five headings and we have to click on that heading to see an answer or more headings. You would be thinking what is heading, Look at the Image of accordion that I have given on the webpage, there are total five-question, that is called headings.

Responsive Accordion | Source Code
You can download all source code from the given link. Click Here To Download All Source Code

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Create Accordion in HTML CSS and JavaScript
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