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PrimeVue is available at npm, if you have an existing application run the following commands to download PrimeVue and PrimeIcons to your project.

npm install primevue --save
npm install primeicons --save

Module Loader

This is the recommended way if your application uses vue-cli or has a webpack based build with vue-loader configured. Import the components as .vue files for seamless integration within your project where path of each component is available at the “import” section of a component documentation.

//import {ComponentName} from 'primevue/{componentname}';

import Dialog from 'primevue/dialog';

In the next step, register the component with the tag name you’d like to use.

Vue.component('Dialog', Dialog);

Then you’ll be able to utilize the component in your application.


Script Tag

Other alternative is utilizing the components directly within the browser with UMD packages.

<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>calendar demo</title>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

<div id="app">

new Vue({
  components: {
    'p-calendar': calendar


Majority of PrimeVue components (95%) are native and there are some exceptions having 3rd party dependencies such as Quill for Editor.

In addition, components require PrimeIcons library for icons.

dependencies: {
    "vue": "^2.6.10",
    "primeicons": "^2.0.0"

Here is the list of components with 3rd party dependencies.

Component Dependency
Charts Charts.js 2.1.x+
Editor Quill.js 1.3.3+
FullCalendar FullCalendar 4.0.2+
PrimeFlex DataView


The css dependencies are as follows, note that you may change the theme with another one of your choice. If you are using a bundler such as webpack with a css loader you may import them to your main application component.

primevue/resources/themes/saga-blue/theme.css       //theme
primevue/resources/primevue.min.css                 //core css
primeicons/primeicons.css                           //icons


An example application based on vue-cli is available at GitHub.

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The Most Complete Vue UI Component Library
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