Table of Contents

  1. The Importance of Context Knowledge
  2. (Optional) Research Supporting Context-Based Learning
  3. The Context of Data Science
  4. Understand the Concept, not the Calculation
  5. The Context of the Sub-Disciplines
  6. Next Steps

The Importance of Context Knowledge

I made the decision to orient my career path towards data science during my senior year of university. It only took one or two research-binges before I realized the vast depth of the field in front of me. I knew eventually I’d have to understand things like the architecture of a convolutional neural network, the process of numericalization for NLP, or the underpinnings of principal component analysis. However, rather than jumping into the minutiae of these concepts in a void, I’ve always needed to develop a rock-solid contextual foundation of knowledge first. I’ll call this approach context-based learning.

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The Best Way to Start Learning Data Science is to Understand Context
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