Understand Terraform (infra-as-code) in 5 minutes

Terraform, this is my little treat of the moment. We have to talk about it. With the explosion of the DevOps movement in recent years, infrastructure-as-code has become a must. And Terraform is the cool kid in this field.

Once upon a time

In the beginning of 2006, Amazon announced a slightly known service suite : Amazon Web Service (AWS). Heard about it ?

On August 25 of the same year, EC2 is launched in beta in the United States. For the first time, developers can launch an on-demand server in the cloud within minutes. One year later, the service is publicly open worldwide. This was about to change everything.

You have to understand that before this revolution, having a server for your app was pretty much hell. It took a request to the infrastructure service in your company. You had to wait during the manual creation of a physical server that would not move anymore.

Right now, you create, modify and destroy your server in a few clicks. Almost instantaneously. And that’s all good and well, but it’s not enough for total control.

What if you could, via your code, dynamically create and manage your infrastructure in a cloud service ? Amazon likes the idea so much that on May 15, 2010 they announce CloudFormation.

Infrastructure as a service was born and it was going to give a lot of people a lot of pleasure. The most talked about IaC tool at the moment is the subject today. Terraform.

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Understand Terraform (infra-as-code) in 5 minutes
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