This article will help you understand the process to create an Azure Synapse Analytics workspace and some other features related to it.


In my previous article, Understanding Azure Synapse Analytics (formerly SQL DW) on Azure Synapse, we learned how to get started with Azure Synapse Analytics. To get started with the implementation on the ground, the first step is to create an Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace, which provides an environment to access different features and aspects related to Azure Synapse Analytics. In this article, we will learn how to create a workspace as well as understand how to operate and access various features once the workspace is created.

Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace

As of the draft of this article, the synapse workspace is in preview. So, there may be more features that may get added to the user interface of the workspace. Also, before this service goes into general availability, there may be minor changes to the user interface. This should be kept in view while following the below exercise.

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Creating Azure Synapse Analytics Workspaces
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