Fernando Rojo (@FernandoTheRojo) just release a new animation library for React Native called Moti, powered by Reanimated 2. Iโ€™ve invited him to walk us through whatโ€™s possible to animate and how easy it is to install and run it.

React Native Moti highlights:

  • Universal: works on all platforms
  • 60 FPS animations run on the native thread
  • Mount/unmount animations, like Framer Motion
  • Powered by Reanimated 2
  • Web support, out-of-the-box
  • Expo support
  • Intuitive API
  • Variant & keyframe animations
  • Strong TypeScript support
  • Highly-configurable animations
  • Sequence animations
  • Loop & repeat animations


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React Native Moti - the universal animation package for React Native with @FernandoTheRojo
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