In this video, we are comparing Figma and Sketch. As you know, both of them are UI design tools, and which one is better? Watch this video to find out.
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Figma and Sketch have very similar features and keyboard shortcuts with similar functions, and their user interfaces are generally very alike.

Nevertheless, the first obvious difference is the varying terminologies. what Sketch calls symbols, Figma calls components, where Sketch says artboards, Figma says frames. Sketch labeled its right panel properties while Figma labeled it inspector, but they both have the same function.

Figma offers a wider platform support, better collaboration and comments features. Though it has a drawback - offline mode is available for opened projects only.

Also, Figma offers a free plan while Sketch provides a 30-day trial. Everything else is the same for both tools.

Both Sketch and Figma are powerful tools for both beginner and professional designers. Go for Sketch if you need offline work, and definitely choose Figma if you need real-time collaboration between large teams of designers.


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