Codeigniter 4 curl post request with headers example. In this tutorial, you will learn how to send php cURL post request in codeigniter 4.

And this tutorial will explain how to use PHP Curl POST in Codeigniter 4. Sometimes, you need to fetching data from the third-party endpoint in Codeigniter 4, then you can’t rely upon more than a CURL request on any other method.

You can go for php curl functions to deal with GET, POST, PUT, DELTE requests in Codeigniter with PHP CURL functions. It’s not just comfortable but also sole satisfying for web developers

And will show you a PHP cURL request example in codeigniter 4 app, along with that also help you deal with headers with authentication. And PHP curl functions to get the JSON response through API.

Codeigniter 4 Send PHP cURL POST Request Example Tutorial
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