Tutorial on how to integrate Facebook Login in Flutter. Full implementation with code. Learn Flutter and flutter_facebook_auth plugin tutorial.

Providing your users with the option to login with Facebook is one of the best growth hacks ever. Making the sign up & login process as frictionless as possible, by using the Facebook Login button, will skyrocket your conversion on the onboarding screens. Let’s take a look and see how to integrate Facebook Login in Flutter.

facebook login flutter

In modern-day web and mobile applications, there is a maximum chance for the availability of social login options. Many web and mobile applications provide their own registration and login option along with social login options. The majority of people will surely choose the social login options as it is much easier and efficient. No extra credentials to remember for different platforms. We can simply use the social login information to log in to different websites and mobile applications. These social logins surely make the login and registration process much simpler. One we do not have to remember the credentials and the other the login will be successful with just a few clicks of buttons. No need to feel the hefty forms for registration and remember the credentials as well. Hence, social logins should be the integral service to provide in any application which needs registration to access the services.

In this tutorial, we are going to integrate one of those social logins called the Facebook login service in our Flutter application. The tutorial will demonstrate each and every step required to integrate Facebook login to the flutter application with detailed instruction. The tutorial will also show the stepwise creation of the Facebook app from the Facebook developers console and steps to enable the Facebook login service in the Facebook app as well. Then, we are going to make use of the package called flutter_facebook_auth to connect the Facebook app with the Flutter application. Lastly, we will devise the UI and implement functions to carry out Facebook login in our Flutter application.

So, let’s get started!

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How to Integrate Facebook Login in Flutter
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