My guess is that there isn’t a single developer who doesn’t know what GitHub is or at least hasn’t taken a look at one of the many repositories available. The wide variety of projects you’ll find on GitHub make it the perfect place for any developer to become a better version of themselves.

Since GitHub has over 100 million repositories you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. That’s exactly why we’ll be going over 10 GitHub repositories that can be helpful when it comes to self-improvement in this article. This way you’ll be saved the hassle of finding the right repositories and you can start improving yourself right after this article.

1. Awesome

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This repository is exactly what’s in the name: awesome! This could be the to-go-to repository for every developer. The concept is simple. The awesome repository contains a bunch of links to all different areas that have to do with software development and programming.

From programming languages to books and big data, the awesome repository has got you covered! If you haven’t done so already, you should definitely take a look at all the useful resources that get mentioned in this repository — which you can find here.

2. Free Programming Books

The free programming books needs no further explanation. This is a very popular GitHub repository with over 100,000 stars and over 950 contributors. This list of books was originally a clone of a Stack Overflow thread. It was moved to GitHub to make it better maintainable.

This repository is written in more than 30 different languages and you can find the free programming books repository here. If reading is your preferred way of learning new things I highly recommend this repository to you.

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10 GitHub Repos That Can Be Used for Self-Improvement
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