SSR & Prerendering in Angular: Universal Secrets

Angular Universal was a project to expand on the core APIs from Angular (platform-server) to enable developers to do server side rendering of Angular applications in a variety of scenarios.

This repository has been merged into the Angular CLI repo

In version 17, Universal has been moved into the Angular CLI repo. Code has been refactored and renamed (mostly under @angular/ssr now), but the core functionality and architecture is unchanged.

Universal features such as server-side rendering and build-time prerendering are now directly supported in Angular CLI and do not require a separate integration with Universal.

As a result, this repository is effectively in maintenance mode and is no longer accepting contributions. Improvements to Angular's SSR/prerendering tooling should be made against the CLI repo directly. Universal versions under long-term support (LTS) are still maintained by the Angular team and will continue to receive security fixes until they fall out of LTS.

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SSR & Prerendering in Angular: Universal Secrets
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