You are done with everything and your app is ready to be finally shipped to production. However, you’re not finished yet. Testing is just about to start.

If I say testing is the most hated part among developers, I’m probably closer to the truth than I believe. But it is an essential part of the development cycle. In order to make your application bullet and bugproof, you need to have a testing suite in place.

You would start by writing as many unit tests as you can, to increase code coverage. But what about after that? Shouldn’t we test the whole user flow from end to end?

The testing pyramid

This is where E2E testing comes into play. This time I would like to give you an introduction to Cypress, the all-in-one E2E testing framework.

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to write your own test cases and use Cypress to its full potential. We will look into how to set everything up, how Cypress is structured, and how we can use it to create basic user scenarios. So let’s first start by getting Cypress into our project and setting everything up.

ow to E2E Test Your Application With Cypress

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How to E2E Test Your Application With Cypress
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