Learn how to create a cloud effect in Photoshop using a simple cloud brush and a sky texture with fluffy clouds.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:
00:22​ - How to create a background
01:10​ - How to create a cloud brush
01:34​ - How to add text and apply filters
02:18​ - How to create clouds using a brush
02:42​ - How to add layer style effects
03:10​ - How to create cloud textures
04:24​ - How to add birds to the picture
05:00​ - How to create color correction layers
05:55​ - How to add a sharpening effect to the image
06:12​ - Final result
06:18​ - How to add a cloud effect to any shape

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How to Create a Cloud Effect in Photoshop
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