React is this great library that everyone is literally talking about and enjoys working with. and the market is growing every day more and more and a lot of newbie developers start working with. To Master React you should know those advanced techniques and approaches to follow in order to get to the next level and think differently when working with React components and Javascript. In this video, we will go through tips, techniques, and Design Patterns. I as a developer worked with a lot and found that they’re very helpful to master to fully use the power of React.

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00​ What React is so damn popular
03:41​ First Tip: Functional Components
10:11​ Second Tip: Do not use Array Map Index as Key
18:37​ Third Tip: Use React Error boundaries
24:42​ Fourth Tip: Use Styled Components instead of CSS Modules
30:51​ Use Typescript whenever you could!

⭐ You can get the Full Pro Tips Code from Github:…



React PRO Tips & Techniques you Should Know | Master React for Beginners
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